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The World's Best Farmers

A series about the lives and work of farmers around the world.

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juli 2023 - von Maximilian Gerken

Experience six inspiring stories about farmers around the world.

People instead of machines - this is the motto of the new mini-documentary series "The World's Best Farmers". In six episodes, striking images tell the stories, some of them are very emotional. From the courageous Agnieszka in Poland, a female farmer who’s standing her ground in Poland’s male-dominated farming community, to the former ambitious engineer Greg, who develops perfect seed potatoes in the USA, to Karsten, a first-generation German farmer - it´s obvious: the farmers and their stories worldwide are just as diverse as our machines.

We are proud of our farmers, because with their work they contribute every day to supplying the world with healthy food.

The Brave:

Meet Agnieszka Tołłoczko, a female farmer who’s standing her ground in Poland’s male-dominated farming community. See how her passionate take on life and agriculture fuels her success in potato farming.


The Engineer:

Meet former engineer Greg Ebe, who’s now engineering the perfect seed potato. Learn how the North-American farmer uses his skills in problem solving to grow his crops and his business even in tough times.


The Founder:

Meet first generation farmer Karsten Großhans, who started his own farm with his wife from scratch. With ambition and stubbornness, he quickly grew it into one of Germany’s most successful carrot farms.


The Innovator:

Meet notorious innovator James Lacey, who’s fighting Britain's labour shortage by designing his own harvester. An efficient machine for a crop that could previously only be harvested by hand: Sunflowers.


The Mover:

Meet Dutch farmer Harry Lamberts, who moved to Canada with his family. They soon learnt that it takes the whole family to successfully start a new farm and a new life – despite bad weather events and emotional setbacks.


The Contractor:

Meet contract farmer Mark Tans, who takes care of more than his own crops. When he’s harvesting beet between Belgium and the Netherlands, the lines between customers, colleagues and friends start to blur.




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