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I can't find a specific article in the shop?

You can use the search field in the navigation to display a specific article directly. Simply enter the name or the article number if you have it to hand. You can also use our Parts Finder Tool, which will navigate you to the part you are looking for based on the machine layout.

How do I know that an article fits in my machine?

To help you find the right parts, you can specify which machine you want to buy for. To do this, select the desired machine either manually or from your myGRIMME fleet in the navigation bar. Now only parts that are compatible with the selected machine will be displayed in the shop.

In addition, you will find a note in the product information indicating whether the article is compatible with the selected machine.

I cannot find my machine in the machine selection.

One reason may be an incorrect serial number. Please note that the serial number of your machine must be a 8-digit number and has to be entered without a dot or space. Another reason could be that we only offer the machine selection and the Parts Finde Tool for machines built in 2013 and younger.

Where can I find the serial number of my machine?

You will find the 8-digit number of your machine on the type plate on the main frame or under the QR code. Machines older than 2013 may not be added.

Can I install all parts by myself?

You can replace many parts yourself whit a little technical understanding and the right tools. However, there are parts for which we recommend professional installation by a service technician. These include hydraulic and electronic components. If you are unsure, please ask your GRIMME contact.

We do not accept any liability for damage caused by improper installation.

I entered an article number, but cannot find a part.

Some parts have been replaced over time by new, more advanced articles. If your original part is no longer available, please contact your GRIMME representative for a suitable replacement.

I regularly repurchase the same items. Is there any way I can save them?

Registered users can save items in a favourites list. You also have the option of creating several shopping carts and reordering them quickly and easily.