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Rexor 6300

The new REXOR

The self-propelled beet harvesters of the REXOR series have been fundamentally revised for the 2022 campaign

Publicado el 26 de junio de 2022 - de Kai Osterhus

The self-propelled beet harvesters of the REXOR series have been fundamentally revised for the 2022 campaign

More than 20 years of experience and many customer requirements have gone into the new REXOR 6200 with 30m³ and the REXOR 6300 with its 45m³ bunker volume.

The new design, the completely redesigned digging attachment and the driver-friendly operating and assistance systems are setting new standards in terms of performance, economy and comfort.

The new digging unit

The innovative digging attachment has 7 cleaning rollers as standard, which ensure a more powerful and intensive cleaning. Thanks to the external frame, the driver always has an unobstructed view of the roller table and the entire digging unit.

Both the Oppel wheel and digging unit with walking shares are equipped with a maintenance-free drive and a new maintenance-free constant scalper, which works much more agilely and quickly due to its lower weight.

All chopper versions are now guided by guiding skids in front of the chopper shaft, which ensures optimum defoliation at all times with reduced wear.


Picture: The new digging unit: Equipped with 7 cleaning rollers in the roller table, Oppel wheels and variable chopper.

The new Oppel wheel

The new version of the Oppel wheel digging unit has 4 instead of 2 beet feelers, which are also used as feeler skids. The redesigned unit can therefore be guided even more precisely along the row and at the optimum height. This relieves the driver and improves the steering behaviour of the auto pilot when cornering. With this new concept of height guidance, there is no need for a feeler wheel shaft between the chopper and the Oppel wheel. This significantly improves visibility into the digging unit, reduces the weight of the intake and minimises wear.


Picture: The maintenance position of the Oppel wheels ensures ergonomic and safe working.

Everything in sight and immediately accessible

The new REXOR is equipped with the CCI 1200 ISOBUS operator terminal and the GRIMME SmartView video system. The GRIMME Digital Interface (GDI) also offers the operator an improved overview of the machine parameters to be set.

With the GRIMME SmartView and its unique features, such as the "Slow-Motion", the driver can easily display any video image in slow motion to check the current work result.

Using the "zoom function", the operator can choose which section of the image is to be displayed.

In order to have all important video images in view at the same time, the user can display up to 8 camera images on the 12-inch touchscreen monitor.


Picture: The new operation via CCI 1200 with the new digital video system SmartView.

Connection to myGRIMME

As standard, the new REXOR is equipped with a telemetry unit that enables a connection to the customer portal myGRIMME.

The module "Live Information" shows the current work progress on a computer or on another mobile device. This is advantageous when planning the transport logistics or further machine tasks.

With the "myJobs" module, all machinery jobs (tasks) and the associated information are automatically documented and saved chronologically. Data such as operating times, fuel consumption and process steps are stored for each task. It is also possible to save further data such as the name of the farmer or the plot when the task has been completed. The data generated can later be used in a farm management information system (FMIS) and thus provide an optimal basis for accounting.

The connection to myGRIMME provides a direct interface to the AGRARMONITOR agricultural software, enabling contractors and farmers to easily manage and document their tasks.

Operational reliability and calculable costs

The current situation in the global sugar market is difficult and hard to predict. In order to give users maximum operational safety with a manageable risk of investment, the new REXOR generation is available with a 4-year guarantee. This package, available for the first time, is rounded off by attractive and flexible rental models. In combination with the service packages, nothing stands in the way of a successful campaign. Thus, the new REXOR has not only been raised to a new level technically, but also economically.