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Are you ready for the springtime campaign?

GRIMME spring equipment is your foundation for a successful harvest

Published on January 30, 2024 - from Rika Wessels

Increasingly limited time windows for field work to be completed, diverse requirements and constantly changing conditions pose a challenge for any grower. With an impressive product range in spring technology of over 20 different models, GRIMME offers a wide variety of machines from a two-row bed formers to a large eight-row cup planter. Whether two-, three-, four-, six- or eight-row crop cultivation methods - GRIMME offers the right solution for many requirements in order to achieve maximum harvest yields.

For spontaneous buyers, we still have the opportunity to offer machines from various series at the start of the new season.

Below you will find a brief overview of some of the spring technology:

The GF 400: A versatile rotary tiller

The GF 400 is a versatile rotary tiller that can be used both as a full width tiller for seedbed preparation in vegetable and potato cultivation and/or as a rotary hiller for conventional ridging in potatoes. Further more the GF 400 can be converted from independent rows to a full width tiller with a few simple steps.

  • The rotary tiller can also be used in combination with a potato planter, thus enabling soil cultivation and planting in a single pass.
  • For use in vegetable cultivation, the tiller can be equipped with a lift frame for seeders.
  • XL ridging plates are available for large-volume ridges
  • The high-performance gearbox is suitable for tractors up to 500 hp
  • Intensive cultivation in heavy and sticky conditions thanks to the highest number of tines in the market

TerraProtect creates small transverse ridges, so-called dykes, between the ridges. The dykes reduce the risk of erosion and at the same time promote water absorption.

GB 430: The four row belt planter

The GB 430 belt planter, is the perfect four-row choice for fast, efficient and gentle planting of potatoes. The belt planting element can be used to plant non-calibrated seed tubers or elongated varieties. The machine is suitable for conventional planting in ridges but also planting into separated beds. It can be adapted to the respective method with different chassis. With suitable, calibrated tuber sizes, high working speeds of up to 10 km/h can be achieved. 

  • 3 t hopper
  • Chassis with gantry pivot axle, for highest agility
  • Depth guidance of the furrow opener by means of mechanical feeler wheels or hydraulically guided, followed by covering discs
  • In combination with with our barrel system, TS 820, liquid seed dressing or furrow treatment agents can be applied during planting.

The efficiency and performance of the machine can be increased by the integration of under-root fertilization, ridge shaping, erosion control and the application of granules as well as the application of liquid seed dressing or furrow treatment agents.

PRIOS 440: The new four row cup planter

Thanks to its modular design, the GRIMME PRIOS 440 offers various equipment options and a high level of operating convenience. With the help of a goose neck drawbar which is coupled to an intermediate frame and a separate lifting mechanism, the planter can be combined with any common implement for active soil cultivation (rotary harrow, rotary tiller). The potato planter PRIOS can be optionally equipped with solutions for the implementation of Clever Planting, Section Control and site-specific farming using application maps.

Highlights at a glance:

  • 4-row, 3.5 t hopper, 3 m road transport width, smart and powerful
  • Row widths: 75 cm / 90 cm
  • Precise control of the planting by means of feeler wheels in front of the furrow openers or by use of an hydraulic automatic depth control system.
  • Various settings on the machine allow a perfect adaptation to the calibration of the seed potatoes.
  • Unique "hybrid" ridge shaping unit.
  • Combination of up to 8 steps: Soil cultivation, liquid seed dressing, liquid chemical furrow application, application of micro granulates/micro fertilisers, under-root fertilisation, planting, ridge shaping and protection against soil erosion

Due to the road transport width of less than 3.00 m, it is the first 4-row potato planter with a complete EU type-approval.

GH 4: The four row ridging hiller

GRIMME GH ridging hillers enable the build up of large volume ridges for the cultivation of potatoes and vegetable on light soils. The GH 4 is the perfect hiller for small and medium structured agricultural areas. The machine enables effective mechanical weed control on the ridges and can be used until canopy establishment.

  • A shaping board can be used for building ridges with specific characteristics from loose to firm soil with a smooth surface.
  • Suitable for tractors from 70 HP onwards
  • Selectable row width from 75 to 91.4 cm
  • Flexible use for (pre-) ridging, before planting (autumn, early spring), up to ridging in potatoes which have already been emerged.
  • For an improved water absorption on light soils, cage rollers can be used in combination with fix or spring-loaded ridging bodies. The cage rollers provide a light, airy ridge with an open-pored surface.
  • The GH-Oeko with its integrated hoeing-tools is well prepared to reduce weed without pesticides.

GH 4 Oeko (6).webp
GH Oeko: Hoeing and hilling of the ridges in a single pass - for weed control in emerged crop.