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MATRIX Early Order 2024

MATRIX early order 2024

Published on May 1, 2024 - from Maximilian Gerken

Secure attractive early purchase conditions when buying a new MATRIX 1200 MATRIX 1800!

MATRIX is a mechanical precision seeder for seeding of beets, canola and chicory roots.

Quickly folded and safe on the road!

The hydraulic parallel folding without sensors enables the MATRIX to be folded to less than 3 m for road transport in less than 12 seconds.

Exact depth control

Thanks to the parallelogram suspension of each seeding units, smooth running and precise depth control are ensured.

High accuracy seeding

The combination of an internally filled cellular wheel, electric drive and minimum drop height of the seed into the seed furrow ensures precise seed placement.

Reliable field emergence

Using the seeding coulter "deep" fitted as standard, improved capillarity is achieved for the beet seed, thus promoting germination in dry conditions. The intermediate press wheel ensures an optimum soil contact and the furrow closers ensure that there is enough fine soil to cover the seed in the furrow.

The right caster wheel for all conditions

Depending on the cultivation conditions, a choice can be made between fingertip press wheels, Monoflex-rollers or V-shaped Farmflex wheels. For a perfect start to the development of the young plant.

Intelligent assistants

The standard ISOBUS technology enables operation via an ISOBUS operator terminal as well as the use of Section Control, Variable Rate Control and Clever Planting.


Using the "MATRIX-seed" option, the individual beet seed can be placed in a triangular formation within the width of the machine. This has positive effects on the utilisation of nutrients, water and sun.


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These early order discounts are valid on orders and payment for new machinery from 01/05/2024 - 31/08/2024. These offers can not be combined with any other promotion.