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The new ChangeSep is already in use on a GRIMME EVO 290 and will be used extensively on other machines this season.

Interchangeable separator called "ChangeSep"

Complete flexibility with the choice of a 2nd separator

Published on September 28, 2023 - from Kathrin Fühne

Many farms have diversified in recent years. In addition to a wide range of potatoes for various uses (food, starch and processed products), they are also increasingly growing onions. In addition, due to the progressive specialisation and expansion of farms, cultivation is taking place on more and more areas and different soils. As a result, the requirements regarding the variability of options within the potato harvesters are growing. The focus is particularly on specific separators, for which there has been no practicable solution up to now for switching between deflection rollers and finger webs

The hydraulically interchangeable separator "ChangeSep" enables a convenient change of the 2nd separator on modern GRIMME harvesters with two separators, such as the EVO 290. Within less than 2 minutes, the changeover between finger web ("ClodSep") and deflection rollers ("EasySep") can be carried out hydraulically from the cabin. The levelling adjustment of the first and second separator is still possible without restrictions. In addition, the speed of both separators can be adjusted individually and continuously, allowing the harvester to be adapted to the different conditions and crops at any time almost without compromise. Thanks to the TerraControl intake with half diablo rollers, which can be used to pick up potatoes from the ridges and windrowed onions, the potato harvester can be converted into an onion harvester at the push of a button. Without any additional assembly work required on the crop-intake or the separator.

ChangeSep©GRIMME (04).webp

Picture: When using the "ClodSep", it is still possible to use the trash conveyor.


ChangeSep©GRIMME (01).webp

Picture: View onto the second separator. When using the "EasySep" (1), the rubber fingers of the "ClodSep" (2) can be lowered into the crop flow to achieve a more even distribution of the potatoes resp. onions on the following picking table (3).

The road transport width does not change due to the new type of separator. In addition, the integration of both separator types in one machine enables better remarketing of stock and used machines. The new ChangeSep is already in use on a GRIMME EVO 290 and will be used extensively on other machines this season.